wow mitraillette #399

I kinda can't believe I haven't posted in so long and yet at the same time of course I totally can.

What can I say, funk/time warp/space out/veg out etc.... whatever. Probably time for a machine gun post...
  • Griz is doing awful. His wound from spring which I assumed would be healed by the time I got home is still there and even bigger due to his scratching it all the time. I got a Hav*hart trap and am trying to catch him for TNR/doctoring of the wound. Of course the TNR is way late; I'm sure he's fathered umpteen litters of kittens... but I'm trying not to feel guilty for not getting it together enough before to try to help more. 
  • Of course my head being my head I'm freaking about the risk of catching either TC or Beau (big white tom who recently deposed Griz as King of the Porch and another reason I finally got the trap) instead of Griz. They both need TNR/vetting too but Griz is in more need plus I don't have money for all three right now.
  • Plan with Griz is - assuming the vet thinks there's any way to get him healed (i.e. to leave it alone and let it heal) and assuming he doesn't have FIV or feline leuk already (miracle if he doesn't have either or both) is to bring him in and doctor him in the den and try to either get him to an adoptable state or adopt him ourselves (Sam & Lucy do not yet know that they are part of the "we" there). But as I said, his not being infected would be the miracle of all miracles.
  • Ideally I would be able to get him first and then the others little by little. 
  • Beyond all this cat stuff is school of course - I'm pretty caught up on the course I'm teaching currently but still finishing Paris grades (one month after re-entry) of course. This year things went mostly better during the program itself but I won't see it as real progress until I'm able to keep up on grading DURING the program. At this rate I think that will be another couple of years but I hope I'm wrong.
  • I got great pics from the plane window on my way out of France which I'll post for you soon. Even fun aerial view of the point of Brittany where Lydie & Pierre & I were just a week prior to that. We flew right over it. :)
  • S&L are great - Lucy gained a little weight in my absence; Sam is looking nice and trim. Various weirdnesses in the house but I keep telling myself the essential thing was the cats were good so I'm slowly getting better at letting the other stuff go (missing salad fork, missing cat brush, the fact that for various reasons I'm pretty sure she didn't spend as much time there as she was supposed to, etc.) Nothing broken or destroyed this year at least (first year you got the gory details here in HOV, last year one of my favorite tin serving trays inexplicably set out on the deck in the sun and rain for the duration of my absence - hard to decide which was worse, the rust or the fading)...
  • Mostly just watching TV a lot and reading but almost nothing done around the house - neither regular things I should do like cleaning, nor project-y things I had in mind for the return - and no emails or letters outgoing (as some of you can attest). Same old same old - it's hard to write people when you have nothing to talk about that isn't depressing or at best blah.
I guess this was more of a small artillery barrage than a machine gun post. Eh ben... 400-year-late grading calls...

Please cross your fingers for me re the porch cats and send some mental offerings to the animal gods or to St. Francis of Assisi.

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Anonyme a dit…

Good Luck with the porch kits! You are so wonderful to do something about them! I am too sad to do much about cats right now. I am glad you are doing well! We may be looking at Hoschton, GA as a place to permanently settle as a home base - will keep you advised!
hugs to you!

Applecart T. a dit…

you are so good to care for these forlorn animals.

i am conflicted about praying mantis v. hummingbird (see FB : ), and often lament "oh, cat and my bird vet bills are unsustainable," and so know the un-healingness of some things in some critters/bodies.

i wish we only lived an hour apart; we'd be watching tv together and then motivating each other in no time.

many ____ to you.


Susan a dit…

you guys are the greatest... honestly I feel so guilty at not having done anything more for Griz before now (which implies that I've been able to do something, but I have yet to catch him) - I happened upon some photos of him from 2 yrs ago and bawled my eyes out - the change is devastating - trying to focus on NOW and the fact that if I can get a hold of him at least he will finally have help.