it's official, blogger has finally completely utterly entirely thoroughly etc'ly let me down

Now I really mean it. I edited my template this morning with my thank you list as usual. I clicked "save edits" as usual. It said "changes saved" as usual. Yes, the interface looked slightly different but there was still a "Template" button on my dashboard as usual (i.e. NOT a stupid "monetize" button like there is now in the spot where the "template" button used to be) and the html window was basically the same as before. So now everything is gone. Too bad Wordpress is so pretentious and moody or I would just fucking get over there and close everything here. I'm writing the help people but one of the reasons I taught myself to do so much stuff to the blog on my own in the first place was because they're hard to get ahold of - at least in my experience.

I am absolutely heartbroken... well as much as one can be for an online tool that one has neglected sorely the last few months. But still.

At least I have all the posts still... knocking wood.

I guess I'm going to have to go ahead and try to find a Ready Made Idiot Template that doesn't make me gag b/c the fucking default one HOV got stuck with is too awful for words and I can't bear for it to be on poor HOV even for the briefest of moments. (Hopefully upon this reading you don't see it anymore..... HOPEfully upon this reading this whole entry is moot and they've helped me get my old template back... hmph.)

Putain de merde. Les salauds.

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