she said, grudgingly...

OK at least it's not as butt-ugly as it was when I signed on the other day to find LIGHT BLUE everywhere. For the moment I'm taking the path of least resistance: embellishing this one a bit b/c I don't have the time/patience to try to resolve the whole getting-the-old-template-back situation. And yes, I admit, this is kind of a nice change of pace, mostly since I could still play with colors a bit and could use my own photo for the background.

Sprained my ankle tonight. Er... last night. Then fell asleep while icing it. Slept a long time and woke up at 11 (I wonder why?!) just in time (coincidence!) for S&L's bedtime snack (crazy!) and then proceeded to be WIDE AWAKE the rest of the night.

I'm going to go for another hour now even tho I still don't feel sleepy; long day ahead tho.

Starting CERAMICS again!!!!! After a French Club thing I'm not looking forward to... bof.

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