Paris digs and other stuff, or: Fun With Links

This year I started out just as stressed as usual about my Paris apt., but it worked out to deal with one of the apt. companies this time, and the more sane one, to boot! So lease confirmed, just sent the invoice to Study Abroad, just waiting to hear from landlord to arrange arrival stuff, etc. Oh and I have yet to line up my personal residential insurance policy (nominal sum - required for anyone renting a residence in France). This one is a little weird looking but there were a lot of my main picky issues that it fulfilled; and for all its weirdness it's still a little more expensive than I would have liked but honestly for all my parameters' being filled this one is not that much. (End of rationalizations. :)

They have some kind of mojo on the pics on the site so that when I save them and try to post they get refused so you'll have to just go look here if you want to see. I'll of course take (better) pics when I'm there. :)

Progress on other Paris stuff:
  • Rennes hotel lined up
  • Tours hotel lined up
  • Homestays - just waiting to hear back from the housing lady re the family assignments
  • Sorbonne - scheduled the placement test and sent student info to Maria, my contact there
  • Paris hotel (first two days of students' stay) in progress
  • Opera/ballet outing... next on the list... We're either going to see Les Brigands at the Opéra Comique, or Les Enfants du paradis at the Palais Garnier. This is the only current stress-inducer which hopefully before I leave today will be settled.
  • Sent excursion (Mont St. Michel/Touraine) info to my contact at RailEurope - so much easier when he can do all the tickets for us, etc., and then we can just pay via Study Abroad
Versailles réservation (hopefully June 10)
Other museum outings, reserving for group everywhere and tour guide in some cases
Writing out château/wine cave tour guy in Tours to set up our tour for May 29
Get started on any revisions to syllabus, etc.

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