mitraillette au whisky

Haven't done the machine gun post for a while. Haven't done any posts for a while but oh well.
  • It's really "mitrailleuse" but I like it better "mitraillette."
  • And in English it's really "whiskey" but in French they omit the "e" for some reason. Wacky French - never know what they're going to do to English words when they adopt them.
  • Sammers is next to me in the extra fake sheepskin catbed that I bought when Nina was with us but which no one else would sleep in until it had been washed THREE times.
  • The two older catbed thingies are still on my bed and one of them is being spurned lately but I don't know why; I'll try washing them altho usually S&L don't really care when they're dirty as long as they're dirty with their scent and not someone else's.
  • One week til spring break and I REALLY want to bring Griz in; at the least I'd like to get him to the vet and doctored up and hopefully neutered and released when he's well enough. But truly I'd like to keep him - just not sure there's enough time to socialize him sufficiently before I leave for France and feel safe leaving him with catsitter, etc. Rather, not safe for him really but safe for the catsitter and for S&L. Chances are he will simply be too wild and will have to go back outside anyway. He is really really looking the worse for wear these days tho. Maybe neutering him will at least keep him out of so many fights if he has to go back out.
  • Determined to get TC to the Gr**nville Humane Society b/c I still feel she could be resocialized without too terribly much effort and she's such a cutie; she's been letting me pet her a bit more often but still usually just gets super close but hates actually being touched. She will often just meow at the door to get some attention even when the food bowls are stocked. Then when you open the door it's as if it's all she can do to keep herself from rubbing on you - she does everything but.
  • Slightly toasted. I haven't been drinking nearly as much as the last couple of years. That makes me sound like an alkie but what I mean is I've generally been drinking 3-8 glasses of wine a week the last couple years until this winter. Just kind of fizzled out for some reason. But tonight I really wanted something and I have no red wine right now, so I opted for Dewar's... purchased last year during yet another attempt to get myself to like scotch and/or whiskey. The fact that I've had the bottle of Dewar's for about 9 months and it's only 1/3 down should tell you how successful I'm being with the current tack. Usually half the glass or more gets tossed actually (and truth be told I just really like how it looks in my fun Crate & Barrel highballs) altho this evening I ate a little chocolate with it and it was pretty good, altho not as good as with red wine.
  • Really I wanted margaritas but I didn't feel like making them, plus I can't make a marg with less than 3 shots of tequila and I really was only hankering for a shot or so of something.
  • For some reason I am watching season after season of Weeds on Netflix lately. I don't like it any better than way back when when I watched the first two seasons with Andy. That is I really liked the first season but 2 and 3 I still find pretty mediocre and I think they kind of jump the shark every couple of episodes - even tho it's the early seasons. 
  • Fun workshop day today with the hiking club - we talked about water filtration and camp food and snakes, etc. I did kind of a mediocre presentation on essential daypack ingredients, but we really had almost no beginners anyway so it wasn't super necessary. We got to make alcohol stoves with Bill out of pop cans and we made cooking cozies with Marianna (plastic/alum insulation stuff made into an envelope). You can have all your dehyd. meals mixed up in freezer ziplocs, then you boil water and pour it into the freezer bag and put it in your cozy so it is insulated and continues to cook and you can reheat more water for the next thing or use the rest of your water for something else. Great day anyway, for seeing everyone and yacking plus great weather and Oc*nee State Park is always so restful for some reason.
  • Four tons of work of course for France altho at least this time I (a) have a better idea of how to go about everything and (b) actually feel capable, as opposed to the last two springs, respectively.
  • Otherwise school pretty crappy - more and more discontent actually with my job. Partly it's the students and partly it's me and partly it's because I'm starting to see that the student attitude is never going to improve, which makes my outlook descend accordingly... vicious circle, yadda yadda yadda.
  • There is one really cool thing tho - I weigh 7 lbs less than I did 3 weeks ago. Been gyming more or less regularly since August but pretty much completely incapable of controlling calorie intake. Understatement of the century - less a case of not being able to control intake and more flat out eating as much as I possibly could week in, week out, up to 3 half gallons of ice cream a week, a gazillion baked potatoes with butter and sour cream, lots and lots of egg sandwiches with tons of mayo, lots of fast food esp. french fries, you get the picture. Pretty much anything super rich and yummy with loads of dairy or other fat. All these months I have been thinking that it was weird I hadn't lost at least a little weight, despite the intake, but now I see that the exercise was definitely keeping me from gaining more at least, based on how quickly the downtrend took hold when I finally started controlling calories. So yay.

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Applecart T. a dit…

i won't even begin to numerate my drinking : )

eating … comes and goes.

keep up the cat-champion work. (doesn't your town have a petfinder connection? seems like here, rescuing and placing is all the rage; maybe it's just who i know; in other news; there's a really heartbreaking blog called chainofhope.wordpress.com that sometimes has good stories, but it's only for dogs)

ah, paris. try to enjoy the good parts.

hike on,


Applecart T. a dit…

oh, and i forgot:

whiskey/whisky is a funny one even for US writers (at least in the late 19th/early 20th C): in upton sinclair's "the jungle," it's 'whisky,' but in edith wharton's spelling, frenchified as she was, she uses 'whiskey.'

Susan a dit…

that is very cool re the whisk(e)y - I love having knowledgeable friends! :) I used petfinder a bit when Nina was here - I'm not sure what you mean about our town's having a particular petfinder connection? but when I mentioned it at the vet they said to be careful b/c I might not be as good at screening prospective owners as a shelter would be - there are apparently creepy people who prey on such situations for things that I do not even want to think about... and since I'm a really bad judge of character sometimes, plus of course the fact that she would have more exposure at the hum. soc... as for TC and Griz I can't even think of ways to make them sound appealing to anyone since they're both such special cases... we'll see... now that Paris is looming the porch cat issue will be on hold til July once again... have been trying to catch TC since she seems kind of socializable but have been successful plus I'm not really sure I'm right about her potential... I'm in one of those spaces these days where I can't make any decisions on anything in my non-school life - I think I'm using all my reason for Paris, etc. - hopefully I'll have some to spare again afterwards...