Funny File Find

So I have all these html how-to reminder text files on my computer. One of them is to remind me how to do anchors, which I use on the Paris white pages (which need a better name, btw). Anchors do that fun thing you see on FAQs pages where you can click a topic on one part of the page and it takes you to a whole other portion of the page for the answer or for the list of stuff dealing with that topic, or whatever.

Anyway one time last year Kelly wanted help with anchors and so I made her a sample anchored list. I just found it and was about to take all the extra stuff out of the file and just leave the html samples for the two different anchor syntaxes. It seemed a shame for this not to be saved somewhere; I mean, it still makes me giggle after all.

Unnecessary side note: we both like Alias.

Do you like "Alias"?
Who is Sydney?
Who is Vaughn?
Who is Michael Vartan?
Who is Victor Garber?

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Do you like "Alias"? "Alias" rocks! Back to top

Who is Sydney? Sydney is the main character; she is a CIA agent. Back to top

Who is Vaughn? Vaughn is another CIA agent; he is really cute but not as cool as he was before he broke Sydney's heart by not pining away for her forever, and instead marrying a stupid I-can't-decide-on-an-accent NSC bimbo.Back to top

Who is Michael Vartan? Michael Vartan is the actor who plays Vaughn. He is Sylvie Vartan's nephew and is fluent in French. Back to top

Who is Victor Garber? Victor Garber is the actor who plays Jack Bristow, Sydney's father; he is a CIA agent, too. Victor Garber secretly wants to marry Susan Clay but he doesn't know it yet, plus he might be gay, in which case they will just live together platonically. Back to top

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