We are 7!

It's true, the kits are getting up there. According to the cat year calculators that make the most sense to me (i.e. the ones like this one which recognize that it can't just work like 5 human years to one cat year all the way thru), next year we'll be the same age. This is probably true mentally as well as physically since we all seem to be stuck in certain adolescent behaviors.

Started to pick up this comforter to get it in the wash and it was surprisingly heavy.

Disclaimer: this is only a thrift store comforter I keep around as car blanket, floor protector for bike work, etc. Sammers has always loved it; so much for the theory that cats will always gravitate to natural fiber snuggle spots.

Checking out some mysterious stuff I brought in during the snow in early December.

Sparklebug in her favorite sunny morning spot.

Lucy loves it when the coat closet is open. That toolbox perch is one of her faves and as soon as she hears the sliding door she comes straight there to sit a while.

Of course we will always need to do periodic dryer checks no matter how old we are.

Really their official bday is 3/15 but I didn't get around to posting until now. And their actual bday is almost certainly a different day - the March birthmonth was a guestimation by me and the vet when they first came to live with me at ~6 mos.

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