I would rather...

  • play on ah than work on the test I have to write for tomorrow
  • watch the "Tower of London" documentary than finish cleaning up all the crêpe fallout in the kitchen
  • knit than wade through the overflow of emails from today
  • do almost anything than help at the crêpe stand Thursday
  • think about how bad my attitude is than fix all the stuff on the French Club website that needs fixing
  • go to bed than think about all the letters I'm behind on
  • play with S&L than finish the oral presentation info
  • read my current Val McDermid than finish the Auralog announcements for my classes
  • do almost anything else than be here if I could make enough money for S&L&me to live on and somehow move and change jobs without any damage done to my already abysmal financial situation
  • pet Griz than work on the Paris budget
  • have gone to pottery tonight than make crêpes
  • go to pottery on 10/25 than attend the FC mtg.
  • clean my office than try to get thru my gmail backlog
  • have someone here sometimes than not
  • take a shower than finish the pkg for Andrew
  • post pottery pics on here than get up and start any of the million productive things that need doing

2 commentaires:

Applecart T. a dit…

Well, I enjoyed the pottery pics from rather-rather land. I love the one that shows up at the end; it's such a lovely shape that I bet feels good just to hold. And the infinity-twirl lid handle is so satisfying, too! Nicely done — I can see none of the flaws you describe : )

Susan a dit…

that one is indeed perty near perfect - except for the glaze problem which I covered skillfully with the towel in the pic :) merci t.