As promised and as forewarned... recent pottery fun...

This one was one of my leftover pieces of bisqueware from Aub*rn - I love making handle-less pitchers. This one is perfect for one dinner's worth of salad dressing or something. Might use it for the harissa in January when Circle Dinner is at my house and I plan to make couscous. I'm not crazy about this red (we call the glaze "burgundy" - hmph) but it's OK.

Another leftover from Aub*rn. Probably my most symmetrical bowl ever. Some glaze ran but little enough that I could grind off the drips without too much trouble.

You can see below a little piece of kiln shelf wash fell into the bowl and fused with the glaze - this happens on occasion. Thank goodness it's a pretty little piece - bowl is still usable and after lots of years throwing and being ready for funky things like that to happen on occasion it's not a big deal.

I wasn't in love with this pitcher thank goodness b/c the glaze ran DREADFULLY. The towel is covering it up. I like the colors but the glaze is too thick in general (partly why it ran altho the blue glaze you see here runs like crazy anyway). It has since been crunched with a hammer and a piece of it went into the latest pot of transplanted catnip (curved shards make really good little guards in the bottom of planters to keep the soil from going thru the hole in the bottom so water can drain better).

Arguably my best pot ever from a technical standpoint. Only drawback was the walls were a little too thick for my tastes. But really consistent, super symmetrical, very well built and perfectly-fitting lid, which itself was really symmetrical and consistent. I think the glaze is one of my best jobs ever, too, but the darker glaze here (applied a little thick but not too much) ran worse than any I've ever seen. Drips were so bad that the base of the pot chipped off when taken out of the kiln (hence the towel). The lid is now a paperweight in the office and the base, which I was going to hammer or just throw away, is holding the aforementioned catnip planter. I just used this glaze combo again on something last night - much thinner - hopefully it will work out.

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Bill a dit…

Hey Susan, I think all of the pots are real nice - great work. I especially like that last one, simple and beautiful. I can appreciate the amount of work that goes into this type of work as I did a little bit of the potter's wheel back in high school. It looks easier than it actually is.

Hope all is well with you. My apologies for not posting for awhile. Things have been tough and I'm still trying to get back on my feet. All the best to you - keep blogging!

Susan a dit…

I don't remember your ever mentioning having thrown any pots, Bill - how fun is that? Hope someday you get back to it, if you want :) As per my mail, no worries at all re posting or not posting or whatever - we are all crazy busy and I like that ours is a friendship that seems not to change regardless of how long either of both of us is distracted elsewhere... :)

Applecart T. a dit…


Susan a dit…

yeah, t-chan, too bad these almost all ran so badly - oh well, I do like my nice lid-paperweight!