10/11 thanks

le 1er.x.11 - Stieg Larsson movies
le 2.x.11 - kitchen fun & Airborne
le 3.x.11 - leftover couscous supper
le 4.x.11 - pretty glazes
le 5.x.11 - wonderful dinner and catchup time with Steve & Marty
le 6.x.11 - Pill-chan (one day does not do her justice tho of course - much love my friend and rest in peace)
le 7.x.11 - Steve Jobs - another incredible person - and how he changed how we think and live
le 8.x.11 - our new thrift store duvet cover
le 9.x.11 - 2nd batch of yummy couscous
le 10.x.11 - compo day
le 11.x.11 - relatively pleasant crêpe-production session with students, and how fun everyone always thinks Sam & Lucy are (especially since they are every bit that fun)
le 12.x.11 - how tremendous our dept. staff & chair was at Aub*rn
le 13.x.11 - perspective au vin blanc
le 14.x.11 - Desiree and Anna and having an extremely fun class over at the library coffee shop
le 15.x.11 - first day of a 4-day break, aka ecstasy
le 16.x.11 - Merlin
le 17.x.11 - all of Frasier on Netflix!
le 18.x.11 - super tidy office!
le 19.x.11 - apathy
le 20.x.11 - start of fun weekend visit with my brother!
le 21.x.11 - potato soup
le 22.x.11 - John Denver
le 23.x.11 - fun drives in the Upstate
le 24.x.11 - fun 4pm class
le 25.x.11 - haircut! & decent closed form on the wheel
le 26.x.11 - 102003's & getting compos graded on time
le 27.x.11 - clean kitchen & being mostly caught up on work
le 28.x.11 - good night o' glazing
le 29.x.11 - curry
le 30.x.11 - advil
le 31.x.11 - talking myself out of blowing off school

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