Mitraillette of forced positivity which of course then meanders away from its premise of having a theme...

  • First, did I mention it's the next-to-last Monday of the semester?
  • It was only half raining for my walk to the car and then from car to office.
  • My iTunes playlist got to B.W. Stevenson's (i.e. the best) version of "My Maria" just before I parked.
  • First class is over.
  • I turned my anger at student lameness around pretty well by the end of the period.
  • I have one of my funnest student/cheapo French fountain pens with me today.
  • I caught the fraudulent charge on my checking account Tuesday and was able to cancel it and change my debit card number before the evildoer was able to charge anything else. (This is obiously a biggie, as positivity lists go. I'll spare you the gory details - suffice to say that my last couple of hours Tuesday afternoon were Quite Fun Indeed, as well as quantities of time online since then changing various auto-pay items.)
  • New debit card will have Sam&Lucy on it (but in a non-cutesy, non-sickening way of course):  
  • New credit card (which didn't need changing but I didn't know we could personalize our cards so of course I have to do the credit card too) will have a very fun pic as well but I can't decide which (please vote in your comments):

  • Stupid uncooperative Blogger bullets.
  • Here is the format/color setup on the card. 
  • The grey bar on the right and the WF graphic of course are non-negotiable but at least they're not obnoxious (altho the blue and green of the old Wachovia graphics would look better - meow - which is really my only problem with WF's having taken over, the color scheme :)
  • I think C will probably win. It is a wall near Prévert's house in Normandy from my weekend with Lydie and Pierre this summer. I should probably post some of the France stuff I neglected - as you can see there are some very nice photos and occasions to share.
  • TMI alert for this one: My innards are dealing surprisingly well with the low-roughage Thanksgiving food binge I've been on for the last 3 days. Of course a couple of glasses of grape juice each day have helped. I got a bunch of juice fixings to temper all the not-super-healthy intake the next few days as I finish my Tgvg leftovers. I was too lazy to make any over the weekend tho.
  • Except for procrastination activity that is - made a pie last night. (I'll have to add the pic later.) It rocks. Yet another pie crust miraculously turning out perfect. Honestly, either they just aren't as hard as everyone has always made them out to be, or I have some magic fool proof recipe (just the standard Better Homes cookbook one is what I use tho), or my pie crust mojo is making up for all the other less-than-stellar mojo in my life :)  Almost certainly it's the first thing.
  • This one was apple. I only put in 2/3 as much sugar and it's still fine. I think next time I can halve it, altho this time I used apples that are slightly sweeter than the ones I usually use...
  • I still have the pumpkin pie fixings but have yet to do it... if I take a bunch of work home tonight then it will happen tonight, obviously.

3 commentaires:

Bill a dit…

I'm not going to comment that yet again your posts are making me hungry (I luv apple pie!). Well I guess I just did though - oh well.

My vote was originally for #3 but I think #1 is my favorite after thinking about it more. I don't know if that is a creation of yours or not but the colors, textures and patterns are all pleasing to me (take this with a grain of salt from someone who is color blind). The stone wall with the holes/open areas in it said a lot to be philosophically (could be a statement of my personality) but #1 is still my favorite now.

Let us know which one you end up choosing for good. Great post by the way (even if it does make me hungry).

Susan a dit…

too funny - I was starting to lean back towards that one myself and yes it is a piece of mine - I have lots of recent knitting shots I have yet to post so it will be on the blog officially one of these days - re hunger - makes me feel so powerful, making people hungry across the miles... it's kinda magic.

Susan a dit…

I forgot to mention - my dad was colorblind - probably if you have the standard kind you can maybe see the purplish parts a bit and the blue? am I remembering correctly how it works? Dad's best color to see was red, worst: green - right?