Serendipity and more about Oskar, and Really Cool People (of which there are indeed lots and lots and lots in the world)

Who knew I actually saw something as it was taking off instead of after everyone else had already been talking about it for a gazillion years, online and on media...

Read some more about Oskar - have your kleenex handy (in a good way).

He already seemed pretty amazing to me but the added info re his acclimation is even moreso.

Plus how cool is it that his people were looking for an autoharp!? And of course refer to his front legs as arms. I get laughed at for this occasionally but I think it's almost a litmus test for people's attachment to their animals...

ps if it looks to you like Klaus is slightly different too (ear) here is confirmation plus another fun video - plus (before knowing about the video) this has become our new signal (the litter bury motion) at She Sings for when something sucks (re a story from Sherri).

Enterprise computer voice: "Serendipity Enhancement Activated."

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