apples and oranges and millennials

Happened across an article positing a shiny new (I think) opinion of the Gen-Y/Millennials (which, for the record, I don't think are exactly the same generation but oh well).

Does anyone else see these as incongruous?

Typical (so far, in both my reading and teaching experience) take on GY/Ms

Another (ahem) view

Am I the only one to whom the latter take is surprising and new and/or seems utterly, indescribably erroneous?! Who knew the GY/Ms are to be our next Greatest Generation? Has anyone really caught sight of one of these creatures? Here in the academic portions of the Upstate finding them is something akin to a snipe hunt.

Granted we should consider the source; the second article is written by a self-professed GY/M'er, and I admit I was pleasantly surprised by the turnout and the tenacity of the Occupy attendees, which would seem to support the social activist bit (tho of course it wasn't solely made up of GY/Ms and I have to say the 2 or 3 political genes that I got from [my Republican] Dad make me wonder how many of them were truly justified counting themselves among the disenfranchised 1% [the rest of my genes just turned and looked at those 2 or 3 with frowns of consternation]).

Yes, they want a life... but in my experience the majority of them want a life that is pretty thin on responsibilities or accountability and certainly doesn't entail a whole lot of regard for others. Note that I said "the majority" - there have been exceptions to the rule, shining lights of hope and conscience without whom many of us would never have made it this long.

I would sincerely love to be proven wrong about the rest.

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