11/11 thanks

le 1er.xi.11 - unexpected productivity
le 2.xi.11 - 2/3 done with class visits, all of Eric's done, no meetings or anything tonight, and last but not least Flight of the Conchords
le 3.xi.11 - done wtih class visits for fall, Frasier once again making me laugh til I'm crying, and new La Croix bottles
le 4.xi.11 - really cool students
le 5.xi.11 - really really fun stewardship soirée at UU
le 6.xi.11 - new knitting patterns, clean kitchen, sleeping in, cuddling with the fuzzbuckets, and especially: DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME!
le 7.xi.11 - my fun rayon skirt & the fact that I didn't toss it in the move like I started to
le 8.xi.11 - talking myself into going to the studio and throwing 3 nice pieces which helped my mood considerably
le 9.xi.11 - yay no crêpe production at my house tonight - whew!
le 10.xi.11 - fun student talk re Tours, and being mostly successful today at not getting myself all upset about French Club slackers
le 11.xi.11 - no-fuss hair
le 12.xi.11 - red wool yarn
le 13.xi.11 - fairly low stress World B*zaar crêpe stand
le 14.xi.11 - fun reminiscing and dinner with les filles et Justin!!
le 15.xi.11 - last crunch day busy-ness/event-wise for a while :)
le 16.xi.11 - 8am's turned my mood around & Meredith's Paris perspective
le 17.xi.11 - catch-up day, covenant group, and studio
le 18.xi.11 - caroling plans, & feeling nostalgic about scraping car windows
le 19.xi.11 - really cool quartet rehearsal, and Lynn Cohen & Tovah Feldshuh in the same L&O rerun!
le 20.xi.11 - bamboo stitch
le 21.xi.11 - 102 at Java City & an appointment-less day on the calendar!
le 22.xi.11 - steadfast friends, specifically Tracy, Candace, Kate & Jessica
le 23.xi.11 - 14 hours' sleep & Jack McCoy
le 24.xi.11 - understanding & thoughtful friends
le 25.xi.11 - Kathy Burke, Kathy Baker & Kathy Bates
le 26.xi.11 - feline lap blanket, pie itch, italics
le 27.xi.11 - last minute reprieves & low-key hospitality partners
le 28.xi.11 - The English Patient is finally on Netflix streaming (why oh why did I sell that DVD back in my pre-move purge?!) Of course this means I need to reread the book as well, the late wondrous Anthony Minghella's sublime adaptation talents notwithstanding.
le 29.xi.11 - Susan Ch's intuitive and inspiring perspective on our piece last night which made us sound instantly wonderful singing it
le 30.xi.11 - sock needles!

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