Nostalgia re-post

I happened to be reading some stuff from the first few months of this tome and so here's a kinda fun tidbit from pre-Thanksgiving 2005.

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Bill a dit…

An interesting look back in time Susan, especially since this was way before I found your blog. My, how some things never change. A desperate need for a vacation yet I hope this year is not as bad in years past (maybe??).

Love the 'Snarky Macaroon' phrase and actually tried to follow the blog that you linked to but alas it only goes back to 2007. So there you are back in the past multitasking while cooking fried parsnips and what was it you told me in an email you were doing recently ... oh yeah, multitasking. Some things never change.

It was interesting that you mentioned Steve Jobs in this older blog because, as I'm sure you realized, you put him in your list of 'Thanks' for this month. Perhaps not a coincidence, who knows.

Now, about those fried parsnips ......
(and WHY is it that so many of your blog entries lately are making me hungry!!)

Susan a dit…

now _I'm_ hungry - geemony Bill how many times is it really kind to mention "fried parsnips" in one blog comment?!?!?! I did think about the Steve Jobs mention altho I had forgot that he was on my tks for this month - serendipity huh? well yeah obviously I was probably already primed for multitasking before we entered computer- and internet-dom but I swear that has made it much worse - where it was borne of boredom before now it's from actual (tho usually erroneous) belief that I can get more done... har.