Mitraillette of exhaustion, aka journaling disguised as blogging b/c I'm pooped and don't want to work any more

  • Stupid Blogger. Half the time when I open the blog the fricking fonts don't kick in even after the page is fully loaded. I'm still pondering something fun to do with this anyway but the way they have the interface now it's considerably harder to play with and personalize. I mean Come ON! At LEAST give us a complete array of color code possibilities instead of 30 really weird hues, none of which match ANYTHING.
  • Not that I have the energy to do anything about it just now anyway - possibly over Thanksgiving or Christmas?
  • I have come to a screeching halt here in the office - first few hours in nearly a week that weren't spoken for with Fr*nch Club stuff or Paris stuff or preparation for either of those... Tonight is the second and final Paris info meeting of the semester, then a full week of class til Thanksgiving break. Anyway I had been working quite diligently all morning during office hours catching up on work that had been sidelined because of these Event-y things but after my second lab class all my gumption went missing.
  • Meeting isn't until 19h30 which means I should go to the Fr•nch Club meeting (since I had to miss pottery anyway) and whether I do that or not, I should try to work really hard until the Paris thing and get caught up so I don't have to drag work home tonight. 
  • Student came up to get a bunch of French music from me today and surprise! not the pop/rock/other modern... wanted all my Yves Montand, Charles Trenet, Edith Piaf, Josephine Baker, Aznavour, etc. You never know when one of them will surprise you, just goes to show.
  • I am going to get another LaCroix out of the fridge.
  • There is a cooler of crêpes next to me for tonight's Paris mtg. I have the one-woman crêpe production down to a science, as long as they aren't for sale and can therefore be a little smaller than normal: four burners, two crêpe pans and two big skillets, all going at the same time. It takes about 8 crêpes for me to get the timing down and then they all jibe perfectly with each other. I made 47 crêpes yesterday morning in just under an hour, not including batter-mixing but still...
  • Plus it's good for my left bicep. :)
  • Three alums came to last night's meeting - that's more fun than anything, just yacking with them. 
  • Good thing since only one interested student came.
  • I have to not get bummed b/c honestly every year there is no telling how many people are really interested until the last couple of weeks before the application deadline (end Feb.) Last year a total of 4 people had attended the three info mtgs - two in fall and one in January. Off to France with 10 students, then. So whatever.
  • And honestly if it fell thru one of these years, it would be sad but a big part of me would not be that disappointed except for the wee bit of money it earns me and the obvious stuff like getting to be in France a while and see friends.
  • Plus I'm already starting to stress about the cat/housesitter sitch.
  • All the most responsible former students I can think of are allergic to cats of course or are leaving for internships, etc.
  • Hmph.
  • I think I will buy a turkey breast and make my standard mini-Thanksgiving dinner so I can have (a) nostalgia smells and (b) yummy leftovers. I might have to go ahead with fried parsnips this year due to various conversations here and in Real Life about how yummy they are. I'll definitely make cranberry relish and at least an apple pie... 
  • Hmmm. Seems the plant-based diet will have a little hiatus over the holiday...
  • I did find time to watch Torchwood: Miracle Day over the weekend, tho (so good and they left themselves open for further series... hopefully for a reason???) and started two more knitting projects for Christmas. Oh I see your knowing smile but you must trust me that at least two really have every chance of coming to fruition, being very reasonable in size and scope, for me anyway...
  • REALLY hoping to get another quilt going over Christmas break as further create-y fodder for when the spring semester starts... on verra quoi.
  • Obviously this mitraillette should be called "Mitraillette of procrastination" or "Mitraillette of Journaling Out Loud."
  • OH! I almost forgot! I just got my $150 check for reviewing the "Sitôt dit, sitôt fait" textbook. Part of the money will go to a very fun and weather-protecty abode for Griz and TC on the deck. I'm so excited.

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