Proposed S&S&L Thanksgiving Menu, 2011 - because y'all got me thinking about food, and I'm still pooped and don't want to work

  • Amply buttered turkey breast, roasted atop and surrounded by plenty of homemade sage dressing.
  • Extra pan of dressing balls.
  • Little batch of oyster dressing balls.
  • Mashed potatoes (yes, from scratch - that question deserves an eyeroll and a HUFF).
  • Mom's cheaty cream of chicken soup gravy, but with drippings and broth quand-même.
  • Green beans, probably. (If so then possibly cooked with a couple of pieces of bacon, but not cooked to mush and not a sodium fest.)
  • Baked sweet potatoes (main difference from Clay family Tgvg fare, chopped in big chunks and tossed in a little olive oil and fresh cracked pepper, then baked, instead of Mom's candied ones).
  • Fried parsnips. Maybe.
  • Apple pie (this will be a nod to Aunt Hazel rather than to Mom, since Mom normally did not do pies from scratch and Aunt Hazel was known far and wide for her pie crusts, so obviously that's where I got the gene).
  • Pumpkin pie. Maybe but just a little one to satisfy the craving.
  • Jamison-Core-Booth-Clay cranberry relish.
  • Yeast rolls (store bought - I'm not a maniac, after all).
We'll dispense with the Waldorf salad, thank you very much.

3 commentaires:

Bill a dit…

Okay - here we go. Your blogs are making me hungry, again!! Are you doing this on purpose? I love sweet potatoes and the way you're going to do them sounds awesome. The whole dinner sounds spectacular - another S Clay Production Extravaganza.

Can I get a brown bag to go please???

Bon appetit!

Anonyme a dit…

So what time should Peter and I be at your house for dinner? Sounds delicous! We may be in Charleston for Thanksgiving and my bday - part of a present!

Susan a dit…

You guys are making ME hungry now! y'all should just come here for dinner - but let me know if so, 'cause we'd probably need a whole turkey in that case. ;)