Flashback Friday

I've been at it again, reading old blogposts - sure sign of my heading 'round the bend.

Today's selection: Sam & Susan in the Theater of the Absurd

2 commentaires:

Bill a dit…

Ha ha ha ha ha .... that was flippin' great. It reads EXACTLY like a Samuel Beckett play, really. I was LMAO Susan. Great way to start the day. Thanks!

Susan a dit…

tks so much Bill - I had forgot all about that post but happened on it the other day and I have to say I was laughing pretty hard, too - it was one of those times when some wacky anal idea really does work out well instead of taking on a life of its own and finally just getting nixed because it's become too complicated... :) I admit I had to do some internetting to get the formatting more of less right - very fun one to write.