Pre-Thanksgiving Monday Mitraillette

  • This is by far the least painful school Monday all year - the Monday of Thanksgiving week where only 1/2 of the students bother to show up and even tho it's basically the same amount of work as all other Mondays, it doesn't press down on you like on other Mondays since you know there's only one more day in the week to have to work. Anyway I am totally basking in it.
  • We're doing a potluck for Thanksgiving at UU - lots of single people like me of course but lots of other people, too. I can't decide what to make besides cranberry sauce... either pie or maybe dressing balls... or green beans... or...
  • Of course I'll still make the other stuff on the list just to have leftovers for a while. And really, the essential aspect here is not that I have leftovers necessarily but that I have at least a little of each item that tastes and is made like it should be, i.e. the way Mom would have done (OK except for the aforementioned sweet potato protocol). It's just not Thanksgiving without accurate tastebud nostalgia.
  • Absolutely no work done this weekend so I am really determined to get all caught up today and tomorrow so I don't have anything hanging over my head for the break - well I might let online grade inputting be leftover for break if necessary but it is easier and less painful than the actual grading plus I can do it and still watch movies... altho not, unfortunately, knit or make holiday cards or start piecing my couch cover...
  • Lee just brought in a ton of cookies and had the cruelty to leave them on one of the desks in the middle... hmmm.
  • PUTAINDEMERDE the fricking bullets in the Blogger post boxes are so completely scrogged in the head nowadays!!!! gahhhhh!!!!!
  • OK part of the reason I got no work done last night in particular is I was bad and started a new knitting pattern - extra bad b/c of course it was just a play swatch - destined for dishrag land - when I have two active gift projects in progress which really needed work... altho I did do a chunk on each of them earlier...
  • Indoor and outdoor kits got extra food this morning because after my last class I have SSAA practice and then a feral cat meeting til 9pm. It feels long already, but not nearly as long as it would on a normal Monday. yay.
  • All of my favorite French news sites seem to have stopped doing endless streaming or at least moved it to non-intuitive places. Very sad. I hate relearning site organization on things which used to work Just Fine almost as much as I hate looking for new ones... Quandary.
  • I know I used to gripe pretty much nonstop about drivers in Aub•rn but I would take their guileless ignorance of 4-way stops and left-turn protocols hands down over the (I swear) palpable mean-spiritedness of drivers here. Nuf said. (Look at me, not dwelling!)
  • I think I uploaded some pics this weekend (I'm not sure why but this weekend is slightly blurry - and I wasn't even drinking wine or anything...) so I'll have to post them and brighten things up on here.
  • Which reminds me that the dark background of the blog is getting old fast... or at least the photo... Subbing a new one of course would entail numerous color choice changes... which take a million years since Blogger is even more unfriendly than it used to be to people who want to do their own thing and are self-taught html'ers. I rather like the photo on the French blog - I might switch the two or at least just recreate a similar color scheme over here - there are several other cycling pics from France which would make just as good a background tho (that one is from the 1988 trip I'm pretty sure - I think on the way to Beauvais...)
  • Nice thought to end on. Bai.

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