Doodle poll laws according to SDC

We haven't had a nice fun rant on here for far too long... They were habitual in A*burn but Clems*n rants have been more in the Pity Party category, and not chuckle-worthy in the least. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come (back)...

Event planners:
  • If you are trying to schedule something but are just going to ignore the doodle results, do not use doodle
  • If you are just going to email people after the fact asking them when they are available, do not use doodle
  • If you cannot copy a link correctly to send to people, do not use doodle

Potential event attendees (savvy doodlers please excuse redundancies here which are necessary for the, um, less savvy):
  • If someone sends you a doodle link: 
    • Basics...
      • click the link
      • put your name in the next empty blank on the form which pops up
      •  click "Show all options" (if applicable)
      • click all squares corresponding to times you are available
      • click "save"
    • Reiteration of certain basics...
      • when you've opened the poll read and follow the instructions (usually "Click all times you can come" or similar)
      • for best results oval-shaped things which change color when you take your cursor over them and have instructions written on them should be CLICKED, especially "Show all options" and "Save" 
  • If someone includes you in a doodle poll, have your calendar beside you so you don't forget to allow for any commitments in your doodle clicks
  • If someone includes you in a doodle poll and you are of the generation which mistrusts "Save" buttons, after you click "Save" simply look at the poll again to check that your name and times are saved; do NOT write the person to let them know that you don't know if your times were saved or not
  • If someone includes you in a doodle poll and writes the group after the close of the doodle poll announcing the chosen day/time, do not bombard them with emails later about whether some other night might work instead - if you MUST change the day, go look at the doodle yourself to help find a new time!
  • If you violate the advice directly above, and the person writes you back saying "The times I set are the only possible times for the whole group according to the poll," likewise do NOT keep writing them with other ideas based on YOUR schedule
  • If someone sends you a doodle poll link and you keep having trouble, do NOT write the doodle person saying you couldn't get the doodle to work or "it keeps arguing with me" (my personal favorite), simply:
    • get help in person, OR
    • sell your computer and/or swear an oath never to use one again in situations which might impact other people in any way

He dicho.

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