fiber fun

 First a dishrag of course, in my new favorite self-striping yarn... pink but not sickening pink.

and my new favorite stitch...

Lucy always knows what things she'll look best with.

Yarn cake anyone?

 A scarf Christmas present using Lion Brand chenille multicolor black plus Fun Fur - it is lusciously soft and thick, as you can see from the cake photo (folded to four thicknesses). It is also super stretchy.

This yarn is kind of what Lucy would look like as yarn. And obviously here it is passing the softness test. She had to be shooed off for me to put it away.

Yarn cake is yummy in the daytime, too! Plus you can see the furriness.

 It is not quite as long as standard scarf.

Here are better detailed shots...

This might be another idea for a debit card... or a blog background? Hmmmm.

We'll see if it is a hit next week sometime.

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