01/12 thanks

le 1er.i.12 - Alun Armstrong
le 2.i.12 - Stella
le 3.i.12 - fun signatures
le 4.i.12 - building the silo with Dad
le 5.i.12 - Brendan Coyle, for the millionth time
le 6.i.12 - the front porch carriage glider on the farm
le 7.i.12 - David Duchovny
le 8.i.12 - 24/7 lapcats
le 9.i.12 - Pattons
le 10.i.12 - ENTRELAC!
le 11.i.12 - the old barn
le 12.i.12 - eating really healthy
le 13.i.12 - harissa success!
le 14.i.12 - decent semester start (knock wood)
le 15.i.12 - playing the old upright in the old living room on a summer day late afternoon with the curtains blowing
le 16.i.12 - my grooming stand by the chicken house
le 17.i.12 - Sammers' 1000-yard food stare
le 18.i.12 - Downton Abbey season 2 online
le 19.i.12 - three day weekends
le 20.i.12 - roast chicken success
le 21.i.12 - new Dickens miniseries with Matthew Macfadyen to boot
le 22.i.12 - sourdough starter
le 23.i.12 - the creek and the clay bank and the crawdads
le 24.i.12 - Griz's plushness
le 25.i.12 - watching French and Spanish knitting videos on YouTube
le 26.i.12 - the cedar tree, the big buckeye tree in the lane, the sugar maple with all the swings and ladders Dad had installed on it, climbing the side maple and jumping into leaf piles, hiding in the lilac bush
le 27.i.12 - Jan & Ken
le 28.i.12 - friends who can solder
le 29.i.12 - hiding in the hay mow in the cow barn
le 30.i.12 - Woyaya
le 31.i.12 - eating apples and walnuts with Dad on Sunday afternoons

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