I had a fun title for this mitraillette in the car this morning but now I forget

  • I might have just offended someone on FB re the aforementioned group name spelling. I tried to be gentle. Shouldn't that be OK tho to correct such things? And shouldn't we all be aiming for correct spellings anyway - at least on things like that if not in our own personal use? The language teacher side of me says "communication was not hindered by spelling 'goddesses' with only one 's' in the middle," but the rest of me hates that kind of thing and says, "once communicative success is reached, shouldn't one aspire to accuracy?"
  • He dicho.
  • One of the Paris-interested's students is SO excited and motivated. Another one is pretty much so but a little more subdued personality-wise. Anyway so far the potential list is looking good quality-wise - we'll see if we end up with quantity enough to make the program run...
  • Taking a synchronous/online course about developing online distance learning courses from the IT workshop people. It runs the whole semester. 
  • Because I'm not busy enough as it is.
  • nyernt nyernt
  • Knocking virtual wood as I type this but the 3h30 202s are easily at least tied for my best class ever here.
  • We had to take a Learning Styles poll as part of our homework for the distance ed. workshop this week. One of the questions I really loved:
My first memory is of:
a. looking at something.
b. being spoken to.
c. doing something.
  • My two first memories are both very visual, the first is from when we lived in Panama City (age 2-3). Mom was going to school at Gulf Coast Community College and on the weekends Dad and Paul would go fishing and water skiing in our boat and take me to let Mom have some peace. I apparently would throw a gigantic fit if I was made to wear a life jacket so Dad would instead tie some water ski rope around me and tie the other end to the boat, so I could run around and if I fell in the water they could pull me out. The memory comes in now. And to be completely accurate the question above would have had a choice that said "looking at something and feeling something" because I firmly remember the feel of the rope around my waist and the sun on the back of my head and neck as I leaned out of the boat looking straight down into the water with the sun reflecting on it.
  • Apparently little me-and-the-sun moments made a big impression on me because my second memory is between Florida and our move to Okinawa. Paul would have to help me clarify actual timeframes, but there was a few weeks' leeway I think where we were visiting family, first in Ohio (this is not from memory but b/c of later family discussions about that period), then in AZ, before ending in CA for our plane trip to Okinawa. At some point out west we were driving through woods and mountains, doubtless more than once, but my memory is of riding in the back of our VW Bug. The old Bugs had (I think, but we'll get to other possibilities later) that weird upholstered square bin right under the back window. In my memory I'm riding in that bin right beneath the window, watching the sun thru the trees. This is the least certain of the two memories - it might not have been right then but I know it was well before the next big batch of memories, which were all in Okinawa. Also it might have been a different car - we had a black VW for a while in the U.S. and then in Okinawa we had a big black seen-better-days sedan kind of like you would see in 40's film noir. (Sounds fun but it was OLD, you could see the road under your feet thru the back seat floorboards in a couple of little places.) If I'm wrong about the little bin in the VWs then it was the sedan instead and it was soon after getting to Okinawa instead of before our departure.
  • So there. Thanks for some fun impromptu reminiscing time, VAK poll... As in visual, auditory or kinesthetic. I came out strongly visual, with certain kinesthetic tendencies mixed in and the auditory rating was lower than those two. That surprised me since I always think about languages and my ear and music, etc. 
  • I might have my first cavity in about 7 years.

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Applecart T. a dit…

I do not know what my first memory is. At all. Have a few very old ones, but no sequence. Do not remember much, if anything, before becoming 5.
You are lucky on that, I think.

Susan a dit…

that is funny - I always assume people younger than I are going to remem. stuff like that better - but it does dawn on me that others have said it was hard to figure out what their first memories were, too so it's obviously just a perception or brain organization issue instead of age - I'm not sure why I remem. these moments so well except I know I've thought of them fairly frequently even since I was little so probably it was just a case of realizing what they were early on and then remembering them due to frequency of their popping in my head from then on...