2/12 thanks

le 1er.ii.12 - Bill Nighy & great student meetings
le 2.ii.12 - changing to French all the remaining settings on my computer that weren't already in French, & learning fun new FR tech words
le 3.ii.12 - fun w(h)ine time with KD
le 4.ii.12 - Hosanna not sounding half bad :)
le 5.ii.12 - Paris alums
le 6.ii.12 - way funny French mannerisms & laughing with the 004s
le 7.ii.12 - Jan's smile
le 8.ii.12 - decent Study Abroad F*ir
le 9.ii.12 - fun new organizational toys tools
le 10.ii.12 - potage parmentier
le 11.ii.12 - ha! ical-gcal-ipod syncing via wifi
le 12.ii.12 - our sounding pretty good at service today
le 13.ii.12 - crazy cold but nostalgic weather & cat blanket
le 14.ii.12 - yay sticking with my piano plan
le 15.ii.12 - Columbia Crest Two Vines Cab
le 16.ii.12 - journaling meditation
le 17.ii.12 - more Downton streaming
le 18.ii.12 - great turnout and huge fun at our Sound of Music singalong
le 19.ii.12 - cancellation of a 3-hour time commitment, woo hoo!
le 20.ii.12 - fun rehearsal and thanking the universe again for She Sings
le 21.ii.12 - fun palindromic date to write all day (as long as you write the FR way)
le 22.ii.12 - painless Mem. Comm. mtg
le 23.ii.12 - guac and beans and chips and wine for supper
le 24.ii.12 - no coat!
le 25.ii.12 - Matthew proposed to Lady Mary!
le 26.ii.12 - knitting socks!
le 27.ii.12 - very strong at rehearsal - yay
le 28.ii.12 - fun yes/no are you having a good day poster - and for once being able to pull one of the "yes" tabs
le 29.ii.12 - MI-5 season 10 on Netflix streaming

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