mitraillette #77193: reasons I've been neglecting HOV

To blog or not to blog... you've seen which is winning so far this year. Alack alas, but why, Susan? That is the question...
  • lots of bitching and griping wants to be blogged about whenever I start an entry, so I stop and nothing else comes to the fore so I cancel the post
  • just not a lot is going on that is interesting - obviously this is not a requirement since I've blogged plenty in the past without anything interesting to recount necessarily happenings-wise, but it is also necessary that my head be in a space where it can make things at least sound interesting or chuckle-worthy or... My head really has not been in such a space lately. Mostly it's been in a veg out state as soon as I head home, and the procrastination blogging that used to get done during school on occasion hasn't been happening partly because of the first bullet point and partly because -crazy- my time at school is somewhat more productive work-wise than it has been in the past. This part of the non-blogging trend is actually not a bad thing - do wish I knew where this new slight jump in the work ethic (and attention span, let's face it) has come from... nothing that I can tell.
  • any potentially witty tirades that start sprouting in my head are really more worthy of the teaching blog (which hasn't been growing either since I usually email myself those entries so that I can doublecheck before posting that they have absolutely nothing identification-y in them) so some day relatively soon 10 or 12 new entries will pop up there, if you're a connoisseur of it as well
  • télé-accro-ness (TV addiction-ness) For the first time since grad school I am seriously considering, if not getting rid of my TV, at least discontinuing internet... of course the other side of that issue is that a lot of the stuff (fun-wise, communication-wise and even work-wise) that might be served that way is of course internet-related. Also I would be completely without a news source at the house since there is no radio reception there at all. I'm wondering about hypnosis to combat the A/V addiction... (only partly kidding there)
  • horizontalness - the majority of my evenings lately are spent not only in front of the boob tube but lying down dozing in and out until I finally take myself to the actual bed anywhere from 1130pm to 3am - whatever shift my head has taken that created the enhanced work time at school seems also to have made me shut all systems down as soon as I enter the house - home tasks, housework etc., procrastination is at an all-time high. I seriously haven't been this bad in years. 
  • whenever I start thinking about blogging or catching up on all my Serious Friend Emails (many of you have msgs waiting in that category) or journaling or snailmail catchup (just as bad or perhaps further behind than my emails) I feel guilty about all the stuff needing done in the house and stop, ostensibly so I can get up and clean or something, but then of course the TV or couch or both take over (go back to bullet points 4 and 5 now)...
  • half the time I start thinking about any of the abovementioned writing/comms stuff my head gets overloaded with all the stuff I want to talk about and then second guessing how much I should really relate and not be too maudlin (or downright unintelligible) and pretty soon we're back to Deer In Headlights Syndrome
  • the other half of the time I start thinking about any of that stuff I really just can't think of anything to say - this might be more like Deer In Fog Syndrome or something I guess - or Deer With A Giant Cottonball Wrapped Around Head Syndrome - or Deer Wanting to Turn on the TV and Lie on the Couch Syndrome
  • myriad other just as wacky and interconnected and moody reasons which I cannot go into further because now I have to go to my least favorite (but last for this week) class since Friday feeds procrastination blogging better than other days... what can I say, most of the above is better on Fridays of course...
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