3/12 thanks

le 1er.iii.12 - fairy bandaids
le 2.iii.12 - Max Brown
le 3.iii.12 - moderate productivity, GYM!, eating well
le 4.iii.12 - tortilla española and Ravenswood cab
le 5.iii.12 - Monday's almost over
le 6.iii.12 - sticking to my gym and healthy eating regimen :)
le 7.iii.12 - friends
le 8.iii.12 - fun hair day
le 9.iii.12 - Sun Kil Moon's Alesundle 10.iii.12 - Michael Sheen, for the millionth time
le 11.iii.12 - studio fairies
le 12.iii.12 - supportive, understanding friends & a great rehearsal
le 13.iii.12 - two test periods, no lesson plans :)
le 14.iii.12 - SO looking forward to w(h)ine with KBB today!
le 15.iii.12 - funnest cov. group night evah, really cool extra time with MO
le 16.iii.12 - my Paris "slow shoes" &, bien évidemment, SPRING BREAK!!
le 17.iii.12 - Slap Betle 18.iii.12 - successful impromptu white chocolate mousse
le 19.iii.12 - new Beau feeding strategy
le 20.iii.12 - extremely yummy curry
le 21.iii.12 - S&L and their oh-so-S&L-ness
le 22.iii.12 - the smell of millet toasting in the skillet
le 23.iii.12 - Paul Abbott & UK Shameless
le 24.iii.12 - quinoa with my curry
le 25.iii.12 - millet with my leftover couscous
le 26.iii.12 - Monday's being underway, so only 4 more dread-filled Sunday nights
le 27.iii.12 - Aidan Gillen
le 28.iii.12 - Wanting Memories
le 29.iii.12 - Les Plages d'Agnès & fun time with old students
le 30.iii.12 - frozen banana ice
le 31.iii.12 - yummy stuffed collards

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