Status update; or, Pity Party Mitraillette

My life thru Sunday night:

  • make it thru school today, tomorrow and Friday
  • go to the studio tonight (of course this - and the choir stuff - shouldn't feel like an obligation or at least should be a happy one, and in a less-full docket it certainly wouldn't - as it is the obligation part of this is really self-imposed since a big reason for going ahead is spiteful "I'll be damned if this part of my life [or choir] gets fucked by all this school shit" reasoning)
  • buy supplies for making around 200 crêpes
  • find time to practice Sh* Sings Broadway stuff before tomorrow night's solo rehearsal and Friday night's overall rehearsal
  • finetune "Nothing" transposition sometime before tomorrow night (Sherri kindly did most of the work on Noteflight thank goodness) 
  • host Thursday night rehearsal at my house
  • make one batch advance crêpe batter tomorrow night after Bway rehearsal
  • attend Friday night rehearsal at UUF*
  • host crêpe production at my house 4 hours Friday afternoon, 5 hours Saturday afternoon
  • make to a thrift store or two sometime before Sunday to try to find a t-shirt to wear Sunday since all of mine are too tight due to Big Fat Blimpness that has recently returned due to job-news-exacerbated diet choices (or, OK, at least all of my t-shirts that I don't mind getting crêpe shit all over)
  • try to get a response to various questions from FC officers so that we have the stuff we need for Sunday
  • take stock of all supplies and equipment stored at my house, get it loaded along with the giant roller cooler full of crêpes and toppings
  • go help set up on Bowm*n 9am Sunday
  • start setting up Fr*nch Club booth 10h30
  • start selling crêpes/taking tickets, etc. during the festival 12-4
  • breakdown Fr*nch Club booth 4-5
  • help final F*stival breakdown 5-?
  • grade 9 sets of compos, 4 sets of tests, and 5 sets of quizzes
  • try not to freak out that no more job/life stuff can be pondered AT ALL until after Sunday

-- Oh yeah, and stop crying long enough to not only get things done occasionally but so I am not walking around with swollen red face for the stuff that entails seeing other people because after a couple days' of calm (denial?) I am now panicking again.

Probably once all this shit gets in full swing I will be distracted from that, so that's something. Barring that, of course more denial is probably on its way since I'm pretty good at that.

Let the pity party begin. Or let it go; obviously it's in full swing already w/o anyone else's input.

Forced positivity: and really this is a solidly solidly solidly wonderful thing - dear landlords have agreed quite cheerfully and understandingly to let me go month to month after the current lease is up mid-May.

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