Something is wrong

with my knee.

Among other things.

Music is good at least.

Except for how much procrastination it breeds.

Quasi-justifiable procrastination is the worst.

Or maybe the best.

Until, exhausted and deflated and completely behind on all work you realize: No, it really is the worst.

Not that you needed any help finding procrastination fodder, justifiable or no.

One thing I'm not picky about.

So I guess that's good.

I cannot decide if I like this coconut flavored LaCroix fizzy water or not.

2 commentaires:

Needs an Editor a dit…

I felt exactly the same way about the coconut flavor. Had a whole case, though; it got consumed. It just makes you think, "hey, where's the milky coconutty creamy part?"

Sorry to hear about procrastination street.

Sometimes downtime IS quite justified, you know.

And, I _never_ listen to music, not b/c I'm superior about not putting things off until rightbeforedeadline,but b/c I just am out of the musical loop. And most music disappoints me. As do most contemporary novels. Have a list, though, from the NYTimes article about how Pulitzer didn't pick a fiction winner this year.

Rambletron! : )

Susan a dit…

Now I'm all curious re the Pulitzer - is it b/c of the crap quality of the current selection? I did find the coconut LC tastes better mixed with another - orange was good, oddly enough. I had only bought the six-pack of the bottles since those work better for me at school - now that I'm trying to squeeze the budget way more I might have to opt for something super cheap w/o sodium if it's findable - if it's not I'll just be doing less LC than usual (speaking as someone goes thru 3 12-packs in two weeks' time - b/c I usually hate flat water so the LC helps me make sure I hydrate :) - now I'm racking my brain trying to remem. what music I must have been listening to that day - I think it was probably this female FR artist who is pretty cool at times: ZAZ - find her on YouTube if you want - after a while a lot of it sounds the same but I like that she's more laid-back than some of them (femme FR singers) and her songs feel like they're about more real things...