thanks 4/12

le 1er.iv.12 - decent studio day
le 2.iv.12 - great rehearsal as usual
le 3.iv.12 - lack of guilt personal day
le 4.iv.12 - Tim Roth
le 5.iv.12 - happy cleaned-out computer!
le 6.iv.12 - incredible friends, truly - and wine
le 7.iv.12 - quinoa
le 8.iv.12 - halfway decent performances
le 9.iv.12 - Merlin
le 10.iv.12 - really fun pot with Paris alums
le 11.iv.12 - 16 years of teaching comparative & superlative so no having to waste time writing new lesson plans, and surprisingly lively 102s today
le 12.iv.12 - fun hugs
le 13.iv.12 - champion crêpe cookers
le 14.iv.12 - unstressful crêpe sessions chez moi
le 15.iv.12 - smooth (AND LAST!!!) festival
le 16.iv.12 - only one more Monday :)
le 17.iv.12 - kale, strawberries, peaches, banana, pineapple, almond milk smoothies
le 18.iv.12 - Noteflight, and my old Nothing transposition reborn & reworked & legible!
le 19.iv.12 - apple in my smoothie
le 20.iv.12 - Friday & good thrift store haul
le 21.iv.12 - mysterious lack of having to go into html for this to stay green today - score!
le 22.iv.12 - very nice tea with prospective new minister & friends I hardly ever get to hang out with
le 23.iv.12 - chips & salsa
le 24.iv.12 - really good brainstorming w/Sh for Broadway night
le 25.iv.12 - free evening and caught up on (the vast majority of) grading
le 26.iv.12 - fun KD time, looking forward to Bway rehearsal
le 27.iv.12 - fun w/the 102s
le 28.iv.12 - Bway show is over
le 29.iv.12 - lack of self-blame, i.e. possible proof of maturity in conflict-resolution area
le 30.iv.12 - Five Guys fries

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