beyond the dreams of avarice, not

And yet, bright spirits today even tho I have done no job stuff all week. I should say Job stuff, to distinguish from job stuff - small-j-wise I actually put in an application at the P*ndleton bakery/café, big-J-wise I have done slightly more brainstorming but no work at all on new versions of CV, or calling the people I have on my mental networking list, etc. I did meet with Meredith from the St*dy Abro*d office tho to get some ideas and pointers and feedback on whether I'd be a good candidate for that area (She thinks definitely yes. yay.) Sigh.

But I finally got back in the studio Weds. eve after a 5.5 WEEK HIATUS  :( and it went tolerably well, and did not cost any money! :) Then today was my first jaunt to the studio to clean - 2.6 hours of mopping and sweeping was as good as gym time apparently - I am WIPED. (Seriously - my body feels all noodly - like when you haven't swum for a while and you start in again - every muscle is yawning.) Since my last mention of this incredibly cool and symbiotic arrangement, it has further been decided that I will serve as substitute studio monitor whenever needed and I'll be in charge of keeping track of kiln firings and making sure they happen as frequently/regularly as possible.

And more free studio time tonight! There's sort of an open house at T*C (that's an A) and T*mmye wants some bodies in the ceramics studio so that when guests are wandering around it looks bustly - she had asked Marty but I'm subbing b/c T really wanted people to be doing wheel work and Marty wanted to handbuild.

So... the future Sam & Lucy and I will be homeless or living in a hovel somewhere but at least my spirit will be happy...

OK yes I recognize that that was completely crazy hyperbole (even tho I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted to put "almost" in front of "completely.")

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