quickie with more to read elsewhere if you're game

Checking on the felines at Sh/Jay's, staying true to my no _home_ internet use for the weekend test by getting online for a minute here, the reasoning being that if/when I cancel internet, if I'm catsitting for someone with internet I may well go online there since I usually try to spend some time in the house to keep the cats company a bit anyway. Absolutely no rationalization involved whatsoever, juicy tho they may be (cf. The Big Chill).

Mostly just coming on here because I keep forgetting to let you know that even tho I haven't been very busy on the blog the last big while, the kits have been pretty active on theirs and I just published a bunch of posts (long story but the process is a little more complicated there since I'm really anal and want all the posts to have the appropriate credit - "posted by Sam" or similiar) that had been languishing...

So here: Meow.

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Applecart T. a dit…


Applecart T. a dit…

amusent : )