I am mad at Firefox, or: completely self-involved (no, but way more than normal, even for me, even for a blog) post weighing out life sans or avec wifi, or: Caps, Schmaps!

what do I do online at home?
·      play/surf
·      social crap (which choice of words says a lot, no?)
·      update gcal/simplenote via my Touch  (this is actually quasi-crucial altho I can wait and do it at school each day like I used to way back when with my palm pilot updates...)
·      emails (some obligatory-ish)
·      watch movies (probably 80% of my internet use, if not more)
·      watch news (streaming news pretty much sucks since it's all from the networks - NPR I can do on my radio just as easily...)

productivity at home online:
·      almost nonexistent - when there's work to do for school it always gets done better at school
·      can pay bills - I'm actually pretty good about getting this done without distracting myself elsewhere
·      blog (activity pretty sparse at the moment - when it's not, I'm usually fine typing something in a text file to copy/paste next time I'm online...)

productivity elsewhere:
·      office - fairly productive - depends on the day - would I be more productive there knowing I couldn't fall back on wifi at home?
·      MoeJoe's - pretty productive actually - drawback is pooter power but it should last long enough for a decent amount of work time
·      library - pretty productive something about it bugs me sometimes, position of tables I think, REALLY want to be with my back to a wall...
·      school library kinda the same, probably more distracting, since I feel self-conscious re students going by
·      ingles - I don't think I could work there... guess if I had to go check something really quick or send a message (probably wouldn't happen since phone/text better if something is that urgent anyway)

productivity/how time is spent at home when no internet:
·      reading
·      letters
·      making stuff
·      cleaning
·      rest
·      watching videos (but not as much of a timesuck as streaming vid for some reason - something about having to actively choose something each time rather than being able to just veg, settle for whatever is next on the list or gets clicked next and then watching it for hours even when it's stuff that isn't great, since I usually don't turn bad stuff off)

$70/mo (obviously this point can stand alone)

other thoughts...

would having kinda-finite time periods for wifi outside the house make me be less wordy in emails, etc., and/or would it help me focus more? I feel like I don't do as much vegging out online surfing at school for example since I usually have one eye on the clock, and when I have less time I tend to get to the point faster in blogposts, etc.

is there anything I find myself going online for at home in an urgent-ish way even occasionally:
·      weather
·      post a FB comment (never REALLY urgent, but certainly the occasional URGE)
·      upload pics/video (not much lately)
·      blog (sometimes - less now)
·      to get misc. info... OMG I just realized, making dinner, that the guy in Boardwalk Empire is almost certainly Jack Huston! ... imdb to the rescue!

obviously, as with nearly all pros and cons lists, there is a clear preference raising its head...

and last but not least I admit to a little almost I-want-to-say downright resentment! re fracking lack-of-boyfriend status... generally do not think overmuch about boyfriendlessness but honestly I'm a lot more productive when there is someone else in the mix - or at least way less UNproductive... - the moreso if it's someone who actually has schoolwork or sim. to do as well...

stupid boyfriendlessness making me all lazy! 

mdr mdr mdr mdr mdr mdr mdr that really made me laugh

ps the Firefox thing has nothing to do with the wifi quandary - just incidental issue of the day.

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