mitraillette #7, or: spirits of ammonia

Isn't that what you wave under people's noses when they've fainted? Like, say, if they are struck unconscious by the fact that someone is writing on their blog again after eons of not? Assuming I'm right, here's some virtual spirits to revive you.
  • Putting that subtitle up there made me want to read Gulliver's Travels again, or even Moll Flanders. Really I should finally fricking read Tom Jones which has been on my list and my bedside table - one of 30 more or less in-progress books needing attention.
  • Griz does this fun little squeak. It pretty much rocks.
  • I'm wearing a skirt! Ultra-fun is that it was $1 at the thrift store last month. It's the first day of class of summer session deux.
  • I'm not happy the session has started - well on the surface, consciously, anyway. 
  • Underneath it's probably a very good thing it has because even tho I always think I'll love time without any commitments, it is one of the best ways for a funk to come on and take some serious root.
  • Am I the only one who thinks that last bit sounds like some kind of street speak?
  • I didn't get anything at all done on job stuff during my little hiatus. Very very mad at myself.
  • Kelly is going to help me get started, and indeed already made things easier because a couple of the aspects of the whole process which I had been envisioning in way too OCD ways she simplified for me in about 3 sentences.
  • I have my hopes up way too high for one particular potential job. Even to the point of imagining myself getting a house in Gville with a sun porch that I could reserve for Griz and give him a cat door. Of course the house will have to have two sun porches because I've always promised Sam & Lu that they would have a sun porch eventually to call their own.
  • See, I'm really not the pessimist everyone thinks I am. We're back to the theory that I'm actually the ultimate optimist but b/c my hopes are so high all the time, they're always getting dashed. Yeah, that's it - a hyper-optimist with really bad luck.
  • This job is really the only one I even like the idea of but it's not a case of settling, no sir. More like aiming too high. K. and a few others think I'm perfect for it, and down deep inside part of me thinks I could be perfect for it, given the chance. 
  • I'm not trying to be cryptic - I just hesitate to say it out loud and tempt the gods, call the snake, etc.
  • Pick the colorful fate-tempty expression of your preference.
  • Trying to focus on the drawbacks, i.e. psych out the gods and make them think I'm not counting on anything and in fact don't even want it.
  • So, a pretty big wrench might possibly be thrown into both Sh* Sings and pottery. 
  • And the fact that we'd be moving in the first place.
  • Well we wouldn't really HAVE to move but it's a pretty long drive from here to F*rman University to be the new director of their study abro*d program.
  • Crap.
  • Nyernt nyernt.
Publishing with no looking over. Typo spirits be damned.

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Anonyme a dit…

Susan - you would rock that position! Would you like me or Peter (who does it for lots of folks) to look at your resume and/or cover letter? I would come help you move with Vinny the Vue - there is lots of room in him!! Just let me know how I can help!! I miss you my friend - I was stalking your blog for a post!! Glad you are back! HUGS from ATL!

Anonyme a dit…

You would rock that position! Would you like me or Peter (who has done if for several peeps) to look at your resume/cover letter? I would come help you move with Vinny the Vue (he holds lots). I miss you my friend - be stalking your blog for a new post!! HUGS from ATL!!

Susan a dit…

Thanks so much for saying that - I'm trying not to jinx things :) CC you are the greatest - and re the cv, etc., I actually might ask you guys for input on it for beyond this particular application - Kelly at school is helping with this one - she has the pedago/lingual-speak down plus is doing one of my rec letters plus knows people there. I'm trying not to get my hopes up too high (all the stuff I said in the post notwithstanding). Oh, and I would not wish moving-help on my worst enemy (OK well maybe) but I promise to keep it in mind - with the proviso that you guys make sure to let me know sometime if/when I can be of help to YOU in return! BTW are you still up for the visit I promised? I'll email more on this and we can figure something out once I know you guys' always-active schedule :)