thanks 5/12

le 1er.v.12 - almost caught up with pre-finals grading
le 2.v.12 - megasleep
le 3.v.12 - fun w(h)ine & steak fries
le 4.v.12 - Friday of a surprisingly painless finals week
le 5.v.12 - David Hayman
le 6.v.12 - mixed blessings
le 7.v.12 - Elaine
le 8.v.12 - daisies
le 9.v.12 - success in getting myself to follow thru on social outing promise to someone dear
le 10.v.12 - major thrift store mojo
le 11.v.12 - Kate Buffery
le 12.v.12 - fun movie time with Elaine
le 13.v.12 - successful staying-mostly-under-the-radar on my bday
le 14.v.12 - food nostalgia - butter cream icing and Aunt Charlette
le 15.v.12 - denial
le 16.v.12 - good visit to T*C
le 17.v.12 - pretty good covenant group meeting, & fun talk with Marty
le 18.v.12 - unexpected additional studio time
le 19.v.12 - jam/concert turned out better than expected
le 20.v.12 - quinoa
le 21.v.12 - non-school Monday
le 22.v.12 - long-lasting daisies
le 23.v.12 - enthralling books
le 24.v.12 - hiding in the closet with the window in it in Grandma's house at 400
le 25.v.12 - kale, blueberries, banana, pineapple, peach smoothies
le 26.v.12 - forced social time
le 27.v.12 - the Cedar-Lee & Lemongrass
le 28.v.12 - incredible carrot salad
le 29.v.12 - monitoring open studio! & continued successful jobhunt avoidance

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