Just shoot me now

And not just b/c of job stuff.

For some reason we find our heroine (ha) in the middle of a spate of animal stories and other tearjerkers movie- and book-wise.

Maybe my subconscious wants me to be upset about stuff that is more worthy and kind of healthy to be upset about rather than just about the job hunt crap.

Anyway have hankies handy if you dare to read "War Horse" (altho mostly if you're someone like me who - for example - erupted into 30 minutes of sobs years ago at the accident scene in "The Horse Whisperer"or can't watch the teensiest snippet of footage, even muted, of Ruffian's last race). And yet here I am getting the DVD at the library today - partly to see how good the adaptation is (Incurable critic!) but partly b/c of the aforementioned subconscious directive.

To be clear, it's not all melodrama and "Black Beauty"-cruel-hackney-cabby scenes, much of this stuff is tear-jerky in an uplifting way. Witness last night's "The Odd Life of Timothy Green," which was an engaging watch and still got me even tho parts of it could have been better. One part that could not have been better was the wondrous (as always) Glen Hansard and his song during the closing credits. I'll include it for you here so that you can have something much more enriching and worthwhile than anything else I could possibly share about my life at the moment.

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