Beautiful Sugar

I don't know about World's Smartest (you can't really tell from the picture plus of course I'm a bit prejudiced...) but this is one beautiful cat and the shot is quite striking.

Deb's cat on Sugarfused.net

Now I really have to post some Sam & Lucy shots. However...

My week as far as I dare look:

  • tomorrow after class - work on both levels' tests some more
  • tomorrow night - choir concert (nervous!!!!)
  • Tuesday - all day at the office :( to finish said tests once and for all
  • Tuesday evening - French movie #1 which I'm in charge of this semester
  • Weds - give 1020 test and finish chapter with 1010's
  • Thursday - start grading 1020 test, hopefully stay home to do so, plus TT! and maybe a matinée as a reward if the rest of the week was in fact as productive as I'm projecting here...

    Anyway it might be a couple of days for the kitpix... Hmmm maybe a catty TT is in order.... Nice big dose of Sam & Lucy for everyone. That's the ticket!

    happy new week, all.
  • 2 commentaires:

    Deb a dit…

    So glad you enjoyed Sugar's picture. Thanks for mentioning her!

    Nathalie a dit…

    good luck with the concert!