No, this is not me accidentally doing a post here that I meant to put on the teaching blog! :) This is me linking Jessica's entry which contains the latest pix of my incredibly fun purrboxes since I really wanted to post catpix today but now I'm on the couch with a Friday Evening Headache and feeling too lazy to go get the camera, which still holds all the recent fun shots. :)

So anyway these are fun pix and I swear I'm not posting it so everyone will know how wonderful Jess thinks I am. Truly my wonderfulness pales in comparison to her own!

nyernt nyernt


Uh oh, I'm going to have to get up anyway because Lucy is doing her Bowl Scooching signal that it is almost time for their bedtime snack...

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Jessica a dit…

So Someone the other days said that a scarf was tied in the french way. It looked cool but I don't know how one does that. Any ideas??

Johnny Gator a dit…

Ask Pamela, she will tell you how to tie that thing.