OK what does it mean

that my batting average on getting word verification capchas right is going down by the week? Especially since I'm normally a pretty accurate typist and have perfect (albeit bespectacled) vision? Seriously I get it shot back to me for a retry capcha a solid 40-50% of the time! That's crazy!

But well, my poor little noggin is getting older and older - guess I could add this to my Middle Age list. That's what I'm going to blame it on at the moment anyway, along with my scary skin and far-less-quick-to-bounce-back-after-the-holidays body.

Going to read my Nora Ephron now. At least she understands!

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TopChamp a dit…

Don't worry - I type pretty well too and usually check the word verification but it still takes me a couple of goes. Although I'm getting older too so you could be right about the age thing.

TopChamp a dit…

Meant to say - came to see you as it says you're on the TT blogroll with me this week.