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Er somethin'.

A few new readers (students, former students, and soon-to-be former students, so there's the whole mixing o' my worlds issue again but I'm looking at it as an opportunity for growth- lolololol that's a riot, seriously) hence the weird new addition to the sidebar, plus I'm supposed to be finishing my finals. Big tasks are great for my blog; procrastination is almost as good a blog fuel as caffeine or bitchiness!

Orals are behind me, barring any of those students who missed and will be emailing me... now just the final exams once I finish updating grades tonight. My Michelin guy canceled for today so, firstly, YEE-HAH!! and secondly, more time to play on my blogs get all my schoolwork done and still get to the gym and still get a full night's sleep, like a good girl. I should stay here and finish the finals before heading home since for some reason it's always easier to do document stuff here. Oh I hear you snickering - I meant with the office computer & printer! Of course there are also all the distractions at home, too, tho -witness the blog- they're not exactly lacking at Haley either.

So. Yeah. Babbling.

OH! I just remembered I was going to bitch about stupid Carmike and the fact that they only kept The Hoax one fricking week. Of course I get a quasi-free afternoon and look what they decide to do! Putain de merde. I should be glad maybe; if I went to see it odds are there would be some tech problem to mess it up anyway. But still, wtf? More boggling perhaps is the fact that it surprises me... Further proof that I'm still an optimist deep down. Laugh if you like but I have long contended that I'm actually the ultimate optimist - the negativity I occasionally exude is simply in reaction to having my expectations set too high in the first place. Guess I really do need to lower them and/or move to Denmark.

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Jessica a dit…

i Hear denmark is the place to be, especially in September. Actually I have heard nothing of the sort. :)
But I don't care.

There will be postcards to be had.