Susan and the Kits, high on albuterol (Susan, not the kits)

  • Good things about albuterol: ease of breathing and energy buzz.
  • Bad things about albuterol: it makes my voice go into permanent baby voice register, makes me think I can talk even faster than normal while simultaneously dulling those same powers (makes for lots of garbled words and beginnings o' tangents), and wipes all vocab from my mind except the word "cute." Also occasionally makes me sound like a valley girl.
Cat wise these are just moderately fun (of course moderately fun with S&L beats crazy fun with pretty much anyone else tho) - you get to see the Lucy Boo much better for once, as well as a particularly fun regular Sam hygiene protocol, but mostly I just wanted to keep playing with the video and was totally wiredddddddddddddddddddddddddddd and yet slap happy from fatigue, too! Score!

You can decide whether morning cough ramblings or afternoon albuterol spazziness are the preferable Susan Vid Persona.

4 commentaires:

Bill a dit…

Ha ha ha .. definitely a five star productions. Now you have to start dressing up S&L in crazy outfits and then you can dub in dialogue to the video.
I have to admit, for a sick person you have way too much energy. At this point I would only get up for ... well, not for much (unless it comes in a six-pack).
Hang in there ... this has to end soon!

Susan a dit…

you're way too kind as usual Bill - and I too am surprised by the energy here - it did finally flag after a while :) merci!!!!

Jessica a dit…

Awwww, I miss those guys (and you of course!!!) sending you lots of get healthy vibes...

Ellyhoo! (Word verification).

Susan a dit…

thanks JSY!