Bright morning stars

Usually when we record the piece it goes badly. Finally seem to have broken the recording curse with this one, which actually went better than it ever had in rehearsal. I'm the top voice most of the time when all of us are singing (not the solos, and part of the time it's me and someone else on top - particularly at the end - don't try to listen for me at that point).

Just as well there's this to feed HOV b/c my spirits have been pretty bad all weekend, and today being Monday, of course they have not had much to boost them yet. Still, it's only 4 days til spring break so there's that to be glad of.

Conversely, studio time yesterday went Really Well. Thank goodness since last week I was super disappointed - couldn't seem to get anything to turn out. I will be able to go to the Tuesday midday Open Studio next week thanks to break. Hopefully having three sessions (that and the two Sundays around it) close together will get me back in the groove for sure.

I'm a little worried about summer and being able to afford Open Studio, admittedly partly because I think I'll want/be able to go more often. M*indy the OS monitor and Eil**n the new instructor of the evening classes were talking the other day about the need for a consistent system of cleaning it, etc. At the moment it's just whoever feels like tidying something up - not very systematic or consistent and usually the big things (floor mopped, cleaning the tables, slab press, etc.) don't really get done. So I think I'm going to talk to T*mmye (director of the center) and see if I might be able to exchange studio-cleaning for studio time. I could work with M and E to do some reorganizing, etc. T is usually pretty happy to barter, so we'll see.

In my heart of hearts I really want this to turn into kind of an unofficial apprenticeship so I can learn as much about actual kiln firing and glazes, etc., as possible.

Thanks HOV for helping adjust my perspective today. I feel a lot better now.

Day IS breaking.

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